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Active Count

Heyo Mmjjoo here, Cahockey said we should have an active count.

Name of penguin


Activeness 1-5

Active count ends

May 9, 2010

11 Responses

  1. Ezyegamer

    Major General


    Idk when my active count ends?

    • no it means that this whole thing will end may 9

  2. basloo1
    red and blue warriors co leader,snow warriors head general

    • Where is Mimi’s comment?

  3. hi can you make a uniform that every one might have like for non-members: black color,white belt and tour guy hat

  4. 1.Kkabc123
    2.LEADER well not now but i will be because it was changed and ppl will get same rank.

    • lol thats too much dont you think :S

  5. basloo1

  6. Sorry about posting late school work has kicked into overdrive. 😦 For the next week or 2 I will be very busy but I will try to be here whenever I get some breaks. 😉

    fivers (5)

  7. Cahockey
    1 (not kidding)

  8. mimi5306

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