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New Site

Here is the new site everybody. How do you like it so far? I see everybody is helping arrange things. 😉

I think we should put the rules onto our chat page and make a SW nation page with our governing explanation and servers and allies and flag if anyone wants to try to make one. 💡

I also think we should make a uniform page. With member and non-member uniforms. 💡

I made a medals page. The soldier with the most medals at the end of the month will become soldier of the month. Their picture will be uploaded and displayed for the whole month. Whoever is in charge of promos can use this page to see who was active for the month. :mrgreen:

I put The Hall of Shame as a sub page for The Hall of Fame page. See right hand sidebar to access it. ➡

There is a stories page for anyone who wants to write up a story for everyone to read. 8)

I dont know if we need a war pics page cuz I like pictures inside of posts instead of being on a separate page. What do you think ❓

The AGC page has a fun word game. Check it out every now and then. 😀

We also have a SW videos page for anybody who wants to link an event from their youtube page.

OK so I will get some events going soon. Just have to check my calender. I think we may have a tournament coming soon. 😛


3 Responses

  1. lol

  2. i guess yea

  3. Basloo why did you comment on,like, the first post eva?

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