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So lets do something

We need to get active so on Thursday May 20th we will recruit for a little bit then play some games afterwards. So here are some times let me know what you think.

  • 4pm PST
  • 5pm MT
  • 6pm CST
  • 7pm EST

We will go on Matterhorn unless its full then we will go on Below Zero or Snow Globe. Comment if the times don’t work for you we may change them. Come to chat if you can.


4 Responses

  1. Maybe. I will make a post to see if anybody can make it. Thanks. http://agentspysheep.wordpress.com

    -Blue Cutie1, http://clubpenguinfailblog.wordpress.com

  2. sorry missed it

    Mmjjoo Edit: You never did……

    • whoops sorry typo…i guess

  3. I was not sure if this time was good for everybody. I was the only one to show up. 😦

    But I did get somebody that wanted to join!!! 😀

    Welcome El Rey!!!

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