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Leader Conversation

Hey guy.  I talked to Cahockey on AQW and he said we should have a leader conversation.  So heres the times =

Sunday, May 23

3:00 PM PST

6:00 PM EST

11 PM GMT/UK (Sorry about this time….)

All leader must show up.  That means you Kkabc123, Frothe1, me, and Cahockey (who dosn’t have to come)

P.S. To be active you must comment EVERY day.  Also come on guys!  You need to get a hold of yourselfs!  Me, Frothe, and Basloo are the only one showing up for the events!!  Come on we were the best small army of cp but now were on of the worst!  We need to get way more people!  So were kinda despret….  So tell all your friends and your bro or sis and if your on a chat tell them to join us.  If you get kicked then just pm someone and say to join.(make sure they can’t ban you O_o)   Basloo has already got a person in the army.  Good job Basloo good job :Smile:

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9 Responses

  1. Well Most of them i cant MAKE THEM GET IT?Any on this on i have church

    • So what time do you not have church?

  2. P.S Frothe on your Thing about yourself.How are the nachos ‘Gringos’ if there mexican

    • yeah i guess that dont make sense. Are you going to make an About me? You are a leader here to.

  3. OK I can make it.

  4. um, sorry for being kind of inactive

    • Dude you missed your party last Saturday. 😐

  5. lol yea i made him my buddie

  6. 11:00

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