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Promos completed

Check the ranks to see if you got a promo. It was sad to see that there were more demotions than promotions. 😕

We have a new Soldier of the Month. Congrats to Ezyegamer!!! 😛

On Friday, June 4th we will have a recruit on the Below Zero server.

  • 4pm PST
  • 5pm MT
  • 6pm CST
  • 7pm EST
  • 12mid UK

I or Mmjjoo will try to get something going for this weekend.

8 Responses

  1. wtf i was always active u guys wernt

    • Sorry El Rey. I did miss an event last Friday. You should make a comment if you attend an event and a leader is not there.

  2. I think I can arrange a pb with someone and I can come.

    • ok good. Post it before Friday if you can.

  3. I should make it.

  4. yes im soilder of the month but im going to have to get orange again so i will come to this event today

    • Congrats on th SOTM!

      Yes the more events you attend the more medals you get. And stay orange to. 😀

  5. make me a promotion so i can be mod

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