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We won the 4th Place CPAE Playoff

YAY SNOW WARRIORS!!! 😛 We were asked by the CP Army Express to replace Team Red in their tournament due to some difficulties. My post was a very short notice so I did not expect anybody to show. But we did get Iceeblu101 and Flames181 to join me. Also we took turns leading and we were awesome! 😀 Because of our tactics we won! Here are some pics:

We do a J-Bomb and the Blue Forces do a puffle bomb.

We do an Igloo defense in our line while they puffle bomb.

SNOW WARRIORS RULE!!! chant. :mrgreen:

Victory faces!!! 😛

So you get 6 medals for showing to a tournament. And I did not know the experience that Flames181 has until now so he will get a promo to Grand General. Congrats and good job to both of you!!!


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  1. We were awesome!! And thanks for the promotion!!

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