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Im done.

As you see i am retiring from Snow Warriors.

Well i started playing miniclip and i saw this game called Club Penguin but i thought i had to pay.So my sister made this penguin called Kkabc123.I made one but Kkabc123 was more rarer.So i started using it.So one day i started wandering around in Mammoth which is kinda impossiple for a non-member to get inside.And i saw this army which was Green vs Red in other words ACP vs UMA  i think so i was going for green throwing snowballs at the red then it was over.A couple weeks later i searched ACP and joined i was super active then i joined the nachos for fun and ended up quiting ACP as i joined The Nachos I was treated like a noob and ignored but i didnt care as  i was in a battle with the nachos Florida 111 invited me to be his friend on cp.So i was looking on nacho site and i saw Florida 111 fan site so i clicked it and then i started coming to his patrols and soon he retired as a Lieutienet General then he gave his site to Frothe1 but he was thrown out of the nachos.So Flo invited me to be the new owner on his site.Instead we made a another army The Ghost Pirates then it was growing fast 5 people joined in 2 days.So then it Falled.Florida111 made the site a cheats site then he disappeared.So i gave up on his site and moved on.So then i was in many CP armies and there i became friends with Supperz for was leader of BP which was major at that time and Lucairo564 leader of Watex Warriors and is now ACP Co-Leader. In Molten warriors then we merged to Elites 2g i think nobody on chat ever.Supperz membered me then i quit there then i was going  to alot of cp armies from there.So then Frothe1 invited me to Snow Warriors.So i saw that SW was pretty good.With about 5-7 per event so i joined.I  went through the ranks to leader just 6  diffrent ranks.Then around that time we were succesful being #1 in top ten small armies.Then Cahockey retired then we made a new site so we ended getting up to 3 per battle.I  spend my  time on this army which has fallen.I mean we struggle to get 3 persons if we get 5. Two people dont even come back or join.Plus i feel like im not a leader.So ill be on for 2 weeks more.

Cahockey-You are a awesome  friend and a awesome leader

Frothe-You were my friend everywhere mostly in my cp army life thanks

Mmjjoo-You are a great friend

Basoloo-We talked

Ezegamer-You were cool we talked and stuff

Anyway i feel werid because today is my b-day anyway i might stay if we can get 4 the next few battles.

So for now



One Response

  1. its Basloo not abbasloo not basaloo not baadddssappoo

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