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Rockhopper Hunt

*Frothe edit: We did hunt for Rockhopper for 2 hours. We think we found him but we could not get on the Migrator to see him. 😐 Thanks to Mmjjoo, Flames, and Kkabc for showing up. I will add medals from Friday and Sunday events.

Lets all try to find Rockhopper this Sunday June 27th. Here are the times:

  • 10am PST
  • 11am MT
  • 12noon CST
  • 1pm EST
  • 6pm UK

I will probably be on for a couple hours so just check the chat or try to find us as we sweep through the different servers hunting down that crazy penguin.

4 Responses

  1. Idk if I can come…

  2. i couldnt go

  3. i cant

  4. lets have one more event for at least 4 medals pleaseeeeeeeeee i want to be soldier of the month so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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