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Promotion Day!

OK Promotions and demotions are done.

Go to the ranks page to see if you moved up 😛 or down. 😦

Say goodbye to these penguins no longer on our ranks due to inactivity:

  • Bcookiesv
  • Gee Z
  • Jessie3798
  • Juihjuhu
  • Mariann4
  • Purpee12
  • Zkodiac

I will announce Soldier of the Month soon. 😉

“When the power of love♥ overcomes the love♥ of power the world will know peace.”
– Jimi Hendrix


5 Responses

  1. gonna be gone for a while

  2. You are invited to join the CPSAA! The CPSAA is a small army alliance that has officals dedicated to giving power to smaller armies! Want to join and help the cause? Easy! Just visit http://cpsaa.wordpress.com/ and comment on the newest post requesting to join! Claim your power now!

  3. Hey i am Crystal Warriors leader jcm21 and we would like to ask you if you can help us in our war with Lava Fighters. Our alliance is called the CP Alpha Alliance. Just comment back on our site http://crystalwarriorscp.wordpress.com/ i figured this would help yous get a little more active

  4. umm i showed up too

  5. Im back

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