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Kkabc123 is not banned

Ok so someone impersonated me and he name is steel star.Because of that idk if steel star is a solder or something BUT if he was HE IS FIRED.For impersonating and will be banned for ever and cannot rejoin.So that goes for everyone not to impersonate me or ANYBODY in high ranks.


13 Responses

  1. I saw Steel Star 3 on CP. He was fighting for the Snow Fighters. I asked him what he was doing cuz I thought he was you and he logged off. 😐

  2. Oh well thats not me

  3. lol i think i saw him too

  4. I haven’t seen him but I’ll keep a look-out. 🙄

  5. You don’t post much Kkabc

  6. IK right i dont have anything to post right now but ill post something since u told me

  7. It’s probally gonna be about me like basloo’s post.

    • do u think of me as a night mare (DEVIL)

      • darn emote no work (8) 😦

      • yes

  8. XD

  9. No its gonna be Snow Warriors then and now its gonna be about how we used to and now

  10. lol ok

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