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Active Count

I think it’s safe to have one.  This active count expires on the 14th of July.  Here’s how to do an active count:

  1. Club Penguin Name:  Mmjjoo
  2. Rank:  Leader
  3. Activeness From 1-5:  5

That’s how you do a active count.

PS This is our 50th post!


25 Responses

  1. Mmjjoo



  2. Basloo1
    Brigadier General

  3. Flames181
    Head General

  4. Frothe1



  5. Super Pal 1



  6. Super Pal 3



  7. Why do we need to do this?

    • Yeah I’m wondering too. Is it because we’ll soon be a medium sized army?

  8. yeah?

  9. So why do we have do it again?

  10. lol umm we do this because we need to show our activeness

  11. You mean how much we come here?

    • Know how many soldiers are active so we can guess at how our attendance will be at battles.

      Like if we have 6 active then we can go against another army who have 6 active. Plus if other armys visit the site they can see we are active.

  12. lol

  13. Why hasn`t everyone did this?

    • Some people are not that active. Thats why on the ranks page we have different colors to show activity status.

  14. Yay! this site got a lot more visits!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Club Penguin Name:
    Rank: major general
    Activeness From 1-5: 4

  16. Club Penguin Name:el rey
    Rank: major general
    Activeness From 1-5: 4

  17. Are we supposed to do this again since you posted it again?

    • No, you only have to comment once

      • Okay thanks for telling me frothe.

  18. Wow 30 more visits in what 5 minutes?

  19. Kkabc123
    Ok i was inactive this week because i had to go to this VBS thing from 2:00 to 5:00
    But i was just one week now im back

  20. Club Penguin Name: el rey
    Rank: mod
    Activeness From 1-5: 3 beacuse i was on vacation srry

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