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The Safe and The Non-Safe

So the safe people are: Kkabc123, Mimi.
And the person who isn’t safe is: El Ray

I let Mimi be excused because she’s Basloo’s sister, and Kkabc commented.

16 Responses

  1. if you would like to join a small/medium army tournement then go to


  2. Guys new fixtures on CPAE Look at them You guys are fighting SF Good luck Check CPAE

  3. can someone come on chat?

  4. lol she says thx very much but for what?

  5. I still think El Rey is a spy.

  6. Times have changed check CPAE site

  7. yea

  8. hello i would like to schedule a pb with sw so just comment back here with a time and date and i would see if it fits my schedule http://dpwofcp.wordpress.com/

  9. Safe and not safe?

  10. lol yes the spy stuff

  11. btw y my sis why not me she is in only star warriors and snow warriors why not me because i am in like 10 armies 😀 (to tell the truth im not)

    • not meaning that not spying

  12. Why would u think im a spy ive been in this army a long time and frothe recruited me like about 5 months ago

    • They are not talking about you. They are talking about El Rey.

  13. am active wtf

  14. am el rey

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