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League Battle 2

Snow Warriors vs Snow Fighters

Server: Mountain

Date: Thursday 22nd July


  • 11:00 AM Pacific
  • 12:00 PM Mountain
  • 1:00 PM Central
  • 2:00 PM Eastern
  • 8:00 PM UK

This may be our biggest challenge yet so get ready!
These guys can get big numbers so we need everybody to come.

Comment if you can make it 😀 This will be worth 6 medals.


16 Responses

  1. Can’t make it 😥

  2. I should be able to make this. 😛

  3. Idk ill do my best to come

  4. I’ll come. Don’t worry Frothe, I’ll set my alarm clock this time.

  5. Plz everyone try to come I don’t want to lose. ( Even though I might be the last one standing, I’m very consistint you see. ) 😉

  6. i think i can make it hmm YES i can :rollseyes:

  7. I Don’t Know if I can make it

  8. Sorry I haven’t been very active I was busy

  9. I can’t make it ;(

  10. I CANT MAKE IT!! ;(

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  12. am active

  13. am el rey nice videos

  14. hello peoples I can be there if you need me.

    Raphle8 P.S. mmjjoo i hope you tokk time to make those videos ’cause it doesn’t look like it 🙂

    • Raphle :/

  15. ill be there

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