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League Battle 3

Snow Warriors vs Elite Romans

Server: Chinook

Date: Thursday 29th July

Times :  

  • 11 am Pacific (PST)
  • 12 pm Mountain (MT)
  • 1pm Central (CST)
  • 2 pm Eastern (EST)
  • 7pm UK (GMT)

Comment if you can or can’t make it 😀

This is going to be another tough battle so we need all of you to attend. This will be another 6 medals for you if you can make it. Those of you who do not have any medals better start thinking about getting some to avoid demotions at the end of the month.

17 Responses

  1. I might come to it. If possible. Is it okay if I can only stay a few minutes?

  2. lol

  3. maybe i can make it maybe man maybe

  4. dont think i can ill come if plans change though!

  5. Hmmm i THINK plans have changed. I’ll comment later when things become more definte

  6. I’ll wait let me check again….. u didn’t put pst on so idk

  7. lol ok

  8. Good to see The Snow Warriors are doing good!

    • Thanks Greenday 😉

  9. I’ll hopefully come. ( I hope I don’t sleep through it 😉 )

  10. Yay Im pretty sure im able 2 make it!!

  11. Idk if i can come

  12. I CAN MAKE IT 😀

  13. 🙄

  14. rofl

  15. i think i probably can but im not promising anything!

  16. ha im able 2 make it!!!

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