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super pal1 !!!!!!!!!

uhh super pal im a not a short tempered guy but u keep banning some one (me) for no reason ugh now that makes me mad and its childish too OK so plz stop that its kinda annoying (if it wasnt Y would i be typing this for no reason)and no im not mocking u stop thinking that im no better than no one OK so plz im asking u to stop that



26 Responses

  1. You’re a leader now?. SUPER PAL 1 STOP BANNING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes im a leader(not yet :P)

  2. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Look I said sorry okay? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  3. You callen my a toddler? ( Don’t get any funny ideas bassy)

    • XD no funny ideas it was a joke lol :rolls:


      • Wow Cahockey, you did the same thing, SP3 told me so HA.

        Cahockey: Um…

  4. Who’s Super Pal1 I’m Super Pal 1 but I’m sure Super Pal1 does exest.

  5. Now lets not get mad at each other.

    We are Snow Warriors!

    ps: He was banning me to but it was just for fun. ok?

  6. Now that I think of it you ARE short tempered……


  7. Does this mean I might not get promoted or even get demoted?

    • No its just Basloo blowing off some steam. We all joke and tease a little bit. I guess the point is not to over do it.

    • …speech less.. jk it was a huge joke (i pull off many 😛 )

    • no super pal dont think that 😛

      this has gone too far

  8. i forgot to write jk i wrote that in like…….10 secs LOL sooo JK MAN it is fun LOL ur not getting demoted

  9. How could she nan u

    • If you talking about me I’m a 10 year old,adventurering,movie making,penguinoligest boy!

      • im a 11 year old adventurering,movie making,penguinoligest boy too but im 1 year older than u 😛

      • I bet I know ALOT more about penguins then you do Basloo, I bet you didn’t know that they can change the shape of there pupils!

  10. ????????????????????????????

  11. im a man man A MAN!!!!!!!!

  12. srry i was trying to talk but mimis came in the way :/ IM A MAN MAN A MAN

  13. mimis not a man man NOT A MAN

  14. Why is everyone commenting on this post? Now I’m like really famous! The bad type!

  15. loll idk now this post will be popular on Google 😛

    • You HAVE to bring that up. 😐

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