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EPIC WIN over Elite Romans

Thats right! The Snow Warriors beat the Elite Romans today. It was an epic SW win! Our retired leader Greenday184 joined us which was a GREAT suprise! 😮 We had a record breaking number of persons on chat. 😮 We had a lot of you show up on time and take down the Elite Romans in a never ending attack of OUTSTANDING tactics. 😀

I had to go on ER chat and remind them of the tournament cuz they were clueless. It took them 27 minutes to try to match our numbers on CP. They were a total fail throughout the battle doing almost no tactics at all. Here are some pics:

8 minutes in 1 ER – 9 SW

We did a Toot Charge 2 ER –  7 SW

Puffle Emotes 3 ER – 8 SW

An Epic Line & with War Faces!!! 4 ER – 7 SW

J-Bomb Supreme! 😛 4 ER – 8 SW

Igloo Defense! 5 ER – 6 SW

A Count Down Bomb! 😮 Time is running out for ER……

Ah, I luv Tooting in the morning! 😉 7 ER – 8 SW

An easy win for us! 😛 In the last few minutes ER had finally got its numbers to match ours but failed in tactics. They did one joke bomb before the battle was over.

I am so proud of all the soldiers today in our epic win. As well as winning this fight with our former leader (Greenday184) being a part of it. You all earned your medals today. Belle Fan gets 1 extra medal for finding the new pin. 😉

SNOW WARRIORS are AWESOME!!!! :mrgreen:

32 Responses

  1. We beat you. We had more people by the end.

    Mmjjoo Edit: Actually by the end we still had better tactics
    Frothe Edit: You got more than us in the last 3 minutes and did 1 joke bomb. We had more people than you for 27 minutes and had tons of tactics. The pictures only show half of the tactics we did. We kicked your butt for 27 minutes. Thats what wins tournaments. It really dosen’t matter how many you have at the last second of a battle. Its what you do in the 30 minutes during the battle that counts.

  2. No yu didnt.Abnd we won againest you.We got way more numbers within 10 minutes of the battle.Not 27.This is biased.

    Frothe edit: We have our proof in these pics. Show me your proof? Nice grammer by the way 🙄 *sarcasim*

    • I wasn’t there, and I still think you got owned.

  3. WHAT WE WON EPICLY!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOSE ELITE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YOU ONLY HAD 2 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Plus, does it matter if we get more of our troops on in ten minutes? We beat you in the end.

    Frothe edit: Lets see…..Elte Romans did 1 joke bomb with more people in the last 3 minutes. Snow Warriors owned you for 27 minutes with all these tactics in the pics, which can not lie, and more. Sounds like you guys got schooled! 😉

    • u got schooled o yea 😉

  6. I came up with the Countdown bomb. :{) (That’s my mustache face 😉 )

    • Thats a good tactic! It could make the difference in a medal tie.

      • :{[o

    • nice mustache face :}D

  7. :-}D

  8. No, we owned you for the other half of the battle, we did a bunch of joke bombs while you guys jsut stood around.Those pics are from the first half.While OUR pics are from hte second.So yeah, I think WE won.Because you guys did’nt do ANYTHING for the remaining 15 minutes. 😀

    Frothe edit: I made sure to keep the clock in the pics. Your argument does not hold up. Try another lie.

    • …uh huh……

    • Looks like someone doesnt want to admit defeat.Another one of these stubborn armies.

      • Your right, Elite Romans are being VERY stubborn 😉

    • Lol frothe, nice thinking.

    • Yeah, thats only 1 tactic, we had like 20

  9. Frothe, Umm What happens if me and Super Pal 1 tie for SOTM. Do we both get it? 😀

    • lol idk

  10. dude in the 10th pic we were pwning u i do admit we were losin in the begingn but we came back at the end so it would put it as a tie

    Frothe edit: The 10th pic is 2 minutes from the end of the battle. You cant do 1 joke bomb in the last 2 minutes of a 1/2 hour battle and win. I’m sorry but that is just makes me laugh. Its obvious you guys cant admit defeat even when the proof is staring you in the face.

  11. **** this. Rematch? 😆

    • Basically because of the arguing. We say we win, you say you win. So yeah.

      Frothe edit: Actually its up to CPAE on who wins cuz it was their tournament.

  12. Snow Warriors are just scared of admitting defeat to a larger army. This is exactly like the CP Nitrogen vs. the Nachos… 🙄

    Frothe edit: The truth is in the pics my friend, the truth is in the pics. 😉

    • Yeah, the pics that show when your winning. 🙄


    • I have to admit he has a good point there………..

  14. Nice Win lets hope we keep on winning

  15. But how bout we make up and put this behind us? Im tired of this stupid rambling.It makes us look like noobs.

    • You realize you aren’t admitting defeat WITH PROOF?!

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