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Late Night Recruit Session

Frothe, Iceeblu, Flames, and Conankun were all on chat late last night and decided to have a recruit session on our capital server of Below Zero. We made some new friends and got 1 official recruit. Welcome Flippy and Kfp14! 😛 I added a few others to my friends list. I hope they will join us soon. Here are some pics that Flames took:

The Legend Cup tournament will start on Monday. I think we are scheduled for Thursday against the Mysterious Freedom Warriors. I will make a post when I have the times and the server info. The MFW can have big numbers cuz they have 3 very popular leaders. So it will be a tuff fight for us and we all need to be there. Promotions will be out some time Saturday night look for the post about it. I (Frothe) will be on CP and chat after 2pm PST Saturday. So see ya around!!! 😉

18 Responses

  1. Most of your troops are in MFW btw…..

    Frothe edit: I checked the ranks and there is only 1 person in both armys. So you are wrong. 😐

    • :O

  2. I almost forgot bout SW, good thing i remembered 😛
    *First SW HOF’er

    • How could you forget about us? 😕

      We were AWESOME then and we are AWESOME now! 😉

      • Even awesomer with me now. 😀

  3. That’s Header

    Chat BG Soon!

  4. hey guys it was fun recruiting ppl but so far we only got flippy so i hope we all win the cup and get more ppl


  6. now other armies are recuiting do we need to recruit more

  7. i couldent make it 😥 had to stay over at my cousins

  8. same and they are computer hogs D:

  9. Oh cool i couldnt come to both

  10. Wish CPFBI could be in it. 😦

  11. i noticed that u forgot about to welcome Kfp

    • woops thanks for reminding me. 😉

  12. Crap! Good job guys!

    • Howa bout you go on chat every 12:00 PM PST? Then we can keep track of u.

  13. lol thx hey come on chat is sorta hard to keep track of u cahockey

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