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August goals

Ok were getting bigger so if we get at LEAST TEN we well have a cp coin code (1 only) contest for sw members only and sorry but if we do get cp  coin codes you cannot join right after then comment this for 1 year of hard work too.

20 Responses

  1. P.s if we dont i get to use the cp coin code 🙂

    • No fair, I mean, it isn’t the ppl who come’s fault that more ppl didn’t show.

  2. well am sort of lost of what you mean by at least 10

  3. 10 people coming to a battle i dont count.

  4. well am gonna help out as much as i can

  5. wait if we dont get 10 ppl ur gonna use the coin code?

  6. Apparently

  7. yea i think thats true

  8. well actually make that 9 cause we got zack while on chat today

  9. but i have little question what is the coin code?

  10. U get the code go on cp then it well say cp coin code place to reedem it (u have to buy one) type in and u can get a item u nvr had before for non-members too u can get member stuff if u buy one

  11. P.s on another battle or event so it would be 11 if i come if im not there while at a event and u guys have ten we have contest

  12. oo that 1

  13. maybe we get more ppl at the recuiting session on monday so we may get ppl from the recuiting

  14. speaking of the battle, the legend cup it was a prediction so we need to to if we need to win against the MFW if were hooked up agaist them

  15. i just hoped we win this cup and get more fame

  16. i can make it 😀 YAYZ

    ps never got a coin code 😛 XD

  17. When are we doing this?

  18. IDK i will get it later idk wen but weARE HAVING ONE since we got 11 at a battle

  19. NICE!!

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