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Hi guys. I might be coming back unless I get obsessed with other things like always. I am not a member of CP anymore so I can’t do much. What have I missed?


34 Responses

  1. Did u get banned from aqw

    • No, It’s just boring.

    • and now thats boring XD

  2. P.S does this mean if u come back will i get demoted

  3. no nothing much hey nice to meet u

  4. oh also u also play aq world but i just play aq not world

  5. hi am an officer hm gotta work harder

  6. quick question are you gonna be in the recuit session today?

  7. Watch it. It is funny

  8. lol dude come on chat so we can talk with every1

  9. Cahockey, Can I be your buddy on CP, please?

    Cahockey: Sure, why not?

  10. Cahockey what server do you usaully go on, so I can be your buddy on cp

    Cahockey: I never go on really, but I will usually be at events, I wasn’t at today’s because the server was full.

    • i know i couldent come on chat either internet was down and server was ful 😦 IM SOO SRRRY

  11. oh ok

  12. so are u sort of retired

    • No. Fully back.

    • yay ur fully bak

  13. wat sp3 can i be ur buddy 2

    • Sure

      • hio long time no see huh?

  14. hai Cahockey remember me Basloo 😀

  15. wow just been awhile and a bunch of comments already

  16. You can say that again. It’s no big surprise though since Cahockey finally came back! 😀

  17. lol yea finally original leader here cahockey u rule!!

  18. Hi Cahockey! I joined just a few weeks ago so you probally haven’t heard of me. Super Pal 3 and I were most active last month. 😀 P.S. Can I be your bud on CP?

  19. Whoever’s on go on chat plz.

  20. hey snow warriors what about being allies?come to negotiate on our blog: http://imperiodocp.blogspot.com/

    • Wow nice blog!!! 😛

  21. hi

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