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Legend Cup tournament date

I believe our battle against the Mysterious Freedom Warriors will be on Saturday for the Legends Cup tournament. Still dont have any official times yet. Since I am busy on Wednesday in the morning and afternoon we will have a training on Thursday. Here is the info:

Training session Thursday August 5th on the Snow Globe server. (if its kinda full we will relocate to Ice Pond)

  • 2pm PST
  • 3pm MT
  • 4pm CST
  • 5pm EST
  • 10pm UK

Very important rule in the Legends Cup tournament. No Joke Bombs allowed. 😮

Comment if you can make it.

ps: Did anyone see my story on the stories page? ❓

  Mmjjoo Edit: Hey guys!  I just got from playing hockey, and yes I did have a shower >.< See you next time I can get on 😀  Peace out!



15 Responses

  1. We need to work on making lines fast and emote defense and emote charges. As well as count down bombs and hello and goodbye attacks.

  2. I think I can come, but you never know.

  3. Sorry Can’t come, I’m going to go Camping with Super Pal 1

  4. hey thx for the 2pm can u keep it that way cuz i cant use the computer unless my dad comes home from work which is usually before 2 so thx FROTHE!!

  5. i know a good thing if we cant do j bombs
    we can to count down TOOT charge

  6. Yeah same with hockey

  7. i can maybe come!

  8. This is for frothe since I asked him to make the CPFBI site-CPFBI page.jpg

  9. P.S I might be gone for a while

  10. cant come 😦 have to go to cousins house (computer hogs) 😥

    • srry Mimi was comment again we have to D: cousins house

  11. I know I promised you the new graphics a couple of weeks ago, and they haven’t arrived!
    My apologies, but I made the header and never got round to uploading it.
    So I hope you enjoy the header: http://i38.tinypic.com/s66ljq.png

  12. i will go

  13. aww we need more ppl or we have a slimer chance of winning the tournament

  14. wait i dont get basloo’s comment

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