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Not Leading Events

Since I haven’t lead an event in months, I won’t be leading them for a long time. Frothe can lead them or whoever did. I’m just gonna say this so people know that I am not gonna be leading. I like giving other people chances 😉


8 Responses

  1. That’s good to know. Can I be your bud on CP? And can you go on chat?

    • Since you just commented right now, I’ll go on CP. I’m on Matterhorn.

      • What room?

  2. What room?

  3. Be my buddy on CP i’m in the snof forts too.

  4. right now

  5. hey me too

  6. ??? Why is my Picture next to the Comment diffrent?

    Cahockey: I was making the site what it was like in gen. 1 when I ruled the kingdom. So everyone without an avatar gets the mystery man…

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