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Why Am I So Famous…?

Everyone is thinking I am famous… So I am going to make an event so everyone can see me and calm down. You guys decide what date is good for you and I’ll see. Maybe at the forts then when we are all buddies we can go to my igloo and maybe get a stamp for 10 penguins :mrgreen:. BTW, I looked at all the old posts, and I was amazed. Good job guys!

7 Responses

  1. First comment 😀

  2. Second comment

  3. OK we have a Legends Cup tournament sometime this week against the Mysterious Freedom Warriors. (MFW) I am waiting for them to post the day and server. After that we can set up a Cahockey party. 😉

    Cahockey: First comment you’ve had on my posts 🙂

  4. Umm Dear Anyone thats a snow warrior,
    Will you come to an igloo party at my igloo on Snow Flake, at my igloo, 2:00 on monday the 9th

    • He’s B-Day is in a couple days.

  5. dang 5th comment but i will come so i dunno

  6. Cahockey, Your famous because your penguin is

    Cahockey: That is not a big awesome. This is.


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