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CPFBI battle epic win over nw

here is a pic (didnt have time for others D:):

winners yay


13 Responses

  1. yea we had awesome tactics they had #s

  2. It was a tie basloo, we had tactics they had numbers
    Basloo1:i was hired to take the pic not say for it 😐

  3. …what ever man i was hired to take the pic and just say what ever u say in to it 😐

  4. Ok……

  5. give basloo a break am the 1 who told him to take a pic before u say it was a tie

  6. i was there

  7. Will you please stop saying “Give him a break” Conankun? It’s getting kinda anoying.

  8. P.S This insnt cpfbi this is sw

  9. i know he want give me link to his site Kkabc T.T

  10. I didn’t tell him to post it he just said he would.

  11. well it was tie and epic tie which is still sad for NW

    • CONANKUN WHY DID YOU RETIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  12. Well it would help if u coud stop

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