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Just Woke Up and Ate

Hey guys 😀 I gtg to hockey soon… So if you want to chat with me on chat just comment in the next couple minutes.

18 Responses

  1. First comment. BTW, this isn’t Twitter where you’re telling everyone that you just ate breakfast xD

  2. >.> Wow Cahockey

  3. Twitter Post: (9:20 AM) Crap, I’m hungry right now. Haven’t had breakfast yet. Ready for some good mini wheats.


    • XDDDDDDDD rofl nice one twitter holy i woke up now and didnt have breakfast what am i going to do (comment below to tell me what to do) 😛 jk

  4. just finished breakfast

    Cahockey: 😀 Good job. What did you have 🙂

  5. i had butter with bread and milk 😀

    Cahockey: Mini wheats all the way 😀

    • lol

  6. can u come on chat im lonely there D:


  8. I had Waffles and syrup 😀

    Cahockey: Nice 😀

  9. I had a blueberry muffin with breakfast too 😀

    Cahockey: Good job :mrgreen:

  10. Koko >.< Okay so first you quit now you come back…

    Cahockey: She does that a lot.

    • ikr

  11. mmm i had cereal and cookies wat a sweet breakfast

  12. i gotta ask y ppl are not active on the ranks page when they dont comment or go to chat hmm?

  13. i know right

  14. lol yea and i had breakfast of nothing

  15. hey mimi haventseen u in a while

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