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Taking Off Ranks

Some people here never go on and they are higher than officers that are really active. So I’m gonna take inactive people off the ranks. If they comment I will add them back. But everyone else is safe 😀


12 Responses

  1. Are promotions once or twice a month? Cause I think
    some people are low.

  2. plz dont take mimi off plz she is banned from the comp and cant come on

    Cahockey: Wasn’t ever gonna take her off. And that sucks doesn’t it 😦

  3. i know right (i let her on when my mom is gone :P)

    Cahockey: Nice, but be careful, I don’t want you gone too.

    • lol i know

  4. Yay! It’s sooooo anoying being most active and having so many red ppl above you.

  5. well at least am rly active

  6. well lets not lose both of u

  7. Yo I iz here

  8. am the most active cuz i stay on chat and comment like a bunch of times no offense sp1 and sp3

  9. i say im active on the chat

  10. I AM BACK!!! 😀

  11. nice and also rich pal

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