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SW win over MFW!

In our first round of the Legend Cup tournament we beat Mysterious Freedom Warriors. 😮 Our numbers were close.

In the beginning we found out that Chrisdog was having a big party on Outback. The town, snowforts, stadium, and plaza were all full. 😦 So the tournament was moved to the Snowforts server. At that time only Frothe and Conankun were on but soon Basloo and Iceeblu joined us. A bit later Cmatic G came to help out. MFW gave us a good fight but what can I say we have GREAT tactics. 😛

I did not take any pictures because I was so busy fighting. 😳 So if you have any please upload them or comment with a link.

I’d like to thank the tournament crew for allowing us in the tournament and being proffesional about their duties. Here are a couple pictures I got from CP Army Central. Also here is a link to the CPAC post http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/round-2-mysterious-freedom-warriors-vs-snow-warriors/#comment-25807



4 Responses

  1. heres one i made a post soo nvm

  2. WOOOHOO that was awesome

  3. Good Luck SW. You Will Be Facing Golden Troops. Hope It’s A Good Battle.

  4. man i hope we get more ppl there

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