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Some changes being made

Since we are growing and becoming more active as an army we need active leaders to help out. Kkabc has been my online buddy for over a year but I think it would be best to have him trade places with Iceeblu. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but we need leaders that are on the site and chat everyday. Kkabc123 we want you to stay as our Co-Leader. Iceeblu101 will become the new leader and help us grow larger and stronger.

Also we will be doing a promotion day on the 15th of August. 😮 Since school is coming we will have less time during the day to be active. But we will continue to make events as well as we can for after school fun. Only people with medals will be promoted. No demotions will be given out on that day. Your medals will coninue to grow. We will not zero them out. This is a special promotions day for everybody. 😛

These decisions were made by Frothe1 and Mmjjoo.


22 Responses

  1. If I really had the motivation to be active i would! I just don’t feel needed! 😐

    Cahockey: Everyone is needed. But you’re thinking that because you are inactive. If you were active, you would feel needed.

    • Yeah sorry about being inactive lately, i have to work around getting on CP because my dad has been working late lately and i have to stay at my grandmas 😐

  2. well my goal is being a leader and leading this army to greatness

  3. Yay!!!!

  4. When is my promo? :-D. Mmjjoo has been telling me that Kkabc isn’t active, so maybe this is a good decision, but I have no proof to say it is or isn’t.

    • xD Cahockey you have your own rank D:<

  5. Didn’t ask me if I was okay with it… 😦 JK

  6. :/ ice swears alot on chat no joke man ask cmatic g 😐

    Cahockey: Really? I won’t tolerate that. Leaders can’t swear. So he has to stop or else he won’t be on my good side.

    • I wouldn’t tolerate that either Cahockey. 😐

      Cahockey: No one really cares. You have to be a leader for that sentence to be cared about by soldiers. And don’t copy everything I say :|. He’s higher than you so you can’t say that anyway 🙄

  7. um ouch i dont even wanna see it

  8. Sorry I havrn’t been active lately 😦 I was on vacation. SO its not my fault. Please don’t demote me 😦

    Cahockey: I won’t 🙂

  9. wow if your here guys come on chat

  10. thanks

  11. I was grounded and i still am

  12. P.S i cant go on chat my parents wont let me

  13. And if i do ima retire cause i find it werid that im being demoted by someone who ive been a leader longer than hes been a solder

  14. U know wat i gave up for sw i gave up a owner rank for tg stopped my army gave up my 3ic spot in pretzals and a mod rank in ww and black panthers nachos just to be active plus someone actually thinks im a leader on cpa express polls about leaders im not on people dont even barely know me i tryed being active and coming to events i can but u just demote me? while im gtrounded?

    Cahockey: I think you are a really good leader, but when you’re not grounded, you have to be active. And Ice is actually more active, but I don’t know if he’s good because I wasn’t here.

    • We know your trying to be active. But because Iceeblu is more active and has more freedom online he can help the Snow Warriors become more active and grow.

      Talk about sacrifice. I was fired from Team Gold cuz I spent more time helping Snow Warriors. People ask me to join and help lead their armys all the time. I usually say no cuz I dont want to spend less time with the Snow Warriors.

      A leader tries to go to all events but also works the site. As well as go to other army sites to ask for battles and make alliance plans and looks for tournaments to enter.

      You turned yourself green on the ranks cuz you knew you were not as active as Mmjjoo and myself. We just think if someone else can help us out more then they should get the chance to lead. But we still want you to stay in the Snow Warriors.

      Cahockey: It is really unfair that a leader can be demoted by a leader. That can’t really happen. A main leader (me) can only demote/promote leader positions. I say to give K a week (after he comes back) to prove himself. Then Frothe, Mmjjoo and I can decide if he is safe (he keeps his spot) or if he isn’t (Ice gets it).

      • OK we can try that.

  15. i agree with cahockey but can i get it too (goo)

  16. Anyway if i do get demoted ima be with iw only with maybe iv

    • Read what I said on the edit to Frothe’s. You are getting a second chance.

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