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Biggest CJ Fail

Look at my cards won.

I won right after with Herbert and his drill. Good job Super Pal 3 😀


10 Responses

  1. Good Job! You may have one that battle but I also remembered I won some battles against you.

    • Super Pal, do you believe me? You were my opponent. Tell Lje that it is real please.

  2. That is completely edited.

    • Wow, if for once you thought positive, even ask Super Pal, who was my opponent. I don’t even edit things anyway 🙄

    • It’s not It is real I believe Cahockey 😛 🙄

      Cahockey: She was watching me lol

  3. xD 😆

  4. Wow a big fail 😆 😀

  5. i belive cahockey 🙂

  6. Its a real picture, Its not an edit, I saw it for my self (He won epicly)

  7. tell him super pal

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