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Tournament postponed

Frothe edit: Well we were 11 strong on CP today which is good! 🙂 However the crew running the tournament postponed it until Friday the 13th of August. 😦 But we did stay the whole 30 minutes and had a great practice session. You will all still get 6 medals if you attended. Here are a couple pics I took and one Conankun took:

We were on CP for our Legend World Cup… and waiting for GT they never showed up. So i took a pic (if u have more plz comment below)..



10 Responses

  1. click on it for a better view

  2. yay my pic

  3. Epic :p
    Basloo1 edit: Ice btw its not :p its : P without space 😛

  4. :p: *

    • look at ur first comment i dont like repeating things 😛

  5. lol XD

  6. 1268 comment 😀

  7. Hey guys! Looks like your doing good without me. My laptops charger broke and im only aloud on Cp on my comp. so Im doing this on my Wi Fi on my DSI. I`m getting my charger fixed today though! 😀 And, umm, CPFBI agents, why was conankun the only one who stayed and helped fight NW? GTG my dsi is low on battry! C U L8er!

  8. yay super pal do i get a promo? lol

  9. I call dibs on picking September soldier of the month 😀

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