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This contest is called “Guess That Penguin.” I was fooling around with my zoom one day and I took this picture of one of our soldiers. Whoever can guess the penguins name will win 1 medal. WOO-HOO!! 😀 Only 1 guess per person. First one to get it right wins. *hint: IT IS NOT A LEADER.

It’s Super Pal 3!!!

Congrats to Conankun!!!

Very first guess. Go figure. You have more medals than me now. 😮


18 Responses

  1. super pal 3!

  2. Basloo

  3. basloo1

    • >.> what?

  4. Super Pal 1?

  5. CmaticG

    Cahockey: One guess only.

  6. Conankun01?

  7. Mimi3506?

    • I mean Mimi5306?

  8. Man that is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Super Pal 3?

  10. mimi?

  11. I think its definatley me, I made that suit for CPFBI, and I have that backround and that pin

  12. conankun01

  13. ok my official guess is super pal 3

    Cahockey: Doesn’t count. One guess only, and you said that because he said it was him.

  14. i kno my first guess was actually super pal anyways

    Cahockey: Sorry, I forgot.

  15. yay i guess i got lucky

  16. its not me guys i know you were trying hard

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