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Legend Cup battle

We will have our re-scheduled Legend Cup tournament battle on:

Friday August 13th on the Outback server meet at the Snowforts

  • 12noon PST

  • 1pm MT

  • 2pm CST

  • 3pm EST

  • 8pm UK

Remember rules. No Joke Bombs!

Again we will be fighting The Golden Troops. So we need as many of you at the battle as possible. You must stay the full 1/2 hour to get the 6 medals. :mrgreen:


9 Responses

  1. gtg til sunday

  2. ill be at the training / recuiting session thanks to the time but i dunno about the tournament

  3. Sorry I can’t make it to the first one, 😦 I’m going to see another movie,

  4. Great post and website!

    I have a website also which I am currently relaunching after a long of delay of posting nothing lol!

    I’m hosting a celebration to celebrate the relaunch this Saturday and you’re invited! There will be a celebration on Club Penguin and a free one month membership giveaway immediately after!

    For more information visit http://WarrantyCP.wordpress.com and invite your friends!


  5. Can SW help GG with a Day of Defenses? Here is the link for the info. if you accept!

  6. ill try to be there

  7. i’ll try to make it to the tournament 😆

  8. thats icyis bday 😀

  9. i may or may not come due to the time guys

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