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New medal system

Cahockey: I guess we won’t because people are getting really mad over this :roll:.  But the average medals someone has now is 12, so that means they need a recruiting session, and then the have a promo at the end of the month, while you can do the why do you deserve a promo in the middle of the month. But no, we won’t. So let’s just stick with the “if you have medals you get a promo”.

I am thinking of a new medal system. At then end of the month, you get a promotion if you have 15-20 medals. For mods 30+. If a member gets over 35, he/she can have a double promotion.The middle of the month one will be the why do you deserve a promo. And I think tactic should be more thank a recruiting.

3 Responses

  1. We shouldnt because it would be almost impossible to be promoted

    Cahockey: It is possible, if you actually come to events. We are 1/3 into the month, and the average medals for someone is 12. So a recruiting session and you have clinched a promo. Easy. Mods should have to work harder, but I am gonna change it to 25 or less.

  2. I don’t think thats fair. Some people can’t get to events because its not their fault, if they’re on vaction

    Cahockey: It’s actually easy to get a promotion. No one is on vacation the whole month anyway, are they? And I think we should do vacation medals. Like you get 1/3 of the medals you would normally get.

  3. The medal system we have is in 2 parts.

    1. Soldiers compete for the Soldier Of The Month.
    2. The leaders can see who has been active in the month.

    The medals are for the SOTM competition.
    The promotions are to motivate people to be more active by rewarding them.

    I dont want people to join and get 12 medals and get no reward for their effort. Because they will not try any harder and leave.

    Tactics are kinda fun to go to while recruiting is kinda boring. So thats why I made it more medals as an incentive to go to recruiting.

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