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Recruit/tactic session

Cahockey: Some of my pictures got cut out, so here are the links:







*Frothe edit: That was an epic line we did at the end! 😛 And you all did GREAT doing all the emotes in just a few minutes. Fantastic!!!

First, it was a pass. Second, we got 10,000 hits! :-D. Here are the pictures

Just had to throw in the CJ one. I love that card.

Anyway, comment for you medals! Whoever stayed for games get 2 extra 😉


5 Responses

  1. First comment! I was there. We did a crapping good job 😀 rock on SW!

  2. I was there! :D. GO SNOW WARRIORS GO 😀

  3. I was there with snow in my hair.

    I also played Sled Racing and Card-Jitsu. :mrgreen:

  4. THAT WAS awesome my penguin is in almost in every picture

  5. I went and I want a rematch Cahockey! You won one and I won one so we need to know who is the champion! 🙂 And i stood for all the games we played!

    Cahockey: You’re really good! I have got lot’s of power cards… Next event we can play games after 😀

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