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sorry guyz

im sorry guys im not that active 😦 and starting today plz change the timings because im going to this camp which will end at 12 or 13 of sept and its from Mon-Thurs and timings are 3pm-4pm est 😦 so plz mmjjoo can u change timings because of me plz


5 Responses

  1. We can’t change the tournament, but we will save the wars, PB’s, all the other important things till you get back. But otherwise you’re fine.

    • >.> rlly? thank you ur the best 😀

      • As of Monday August 16th we will be holding events after 3pm PST – 6pm EST. Because some people will be back in school. Except on weekends of course.

        So we will continue to have events but you wont get demoted until your done. Just remember to come back when your finished.

        So during the weekdays events will be later than we have been doing them
        Basloo1:i dont 😛

  2. 🙂

  3. aww to bad
    Basloo1:IKR LAME 😦

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