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Why Do you deserve a promotion?

Promotion day is in 3 days, so we will do a why do you deserve a promotion thing. Answer these questions and we will decide for the 15th.

1. Name here

2. Rank here

3. Reason of promo here


26 Responses

  1. Cahockey
    Main Leader
    I deserve a promotion because I check this site 100 times a day (I am actually not lying), I make new posts, comment 10+ times a day, and come to all events.

  2. Super Pal 3
    SW Liutenant
    I comment and come to this site each day (at least 7 times) I tried to make it to them but…
    I helped explain how AGC works to new recruits.
    I couldn’t make it to the events because I was on vacation and for recruiting yesterday I saw a movie 😦
    I think I deserve because I TRY to be active and its not my fault when I can’t make it because of vacation or movies… I have went to every snowwarrior event that I can

    • Are we aloud to vote for ourself?

    • yea you really enjoy the agc

  3. Koko218
    I deserve a promotion because I check the site alot, I comment too and try to come to all the events if there are 2 computers.

  4. 1. Name hereConankun01

    2. Rank here Officer

    3. Reason of promo here i check this website about 15- 20 times a day i comment alot because i like to give my opinion and i wait in the chat to talk to ppl

  5. 1.cmatic G 2. commander 3.because i feel like i treat everyone with respect and i always try my best and i always check the site

  6. jaws42631
    i deserve a promotion because i check the site everyday

    Cahockey: You just joined yesterday, but maybe. You might have to wait for the end of the month.

  7. 1. Name here
    2. Rank here
    Brigadier General
    3. Reason of promo here
    I have been trying to be active since i joined, even tho i havent been active lately because my dad has been working late and i have to stay at my grandmas! 😐 But now im trying my hardest to get really active! 🙂

    • And i always check the site and I treat everyone nicely! 🙂

  8. Basloo1
    i deserve one because i clean out chat,post comments to almost all the posts like this one,always on chat(im right now with cmatic),have alot of reasons like this one:P,im at my allies chat too and helping them (GG)and lastly i have to say i come to meetings,wars ect..

  9. Cahockey, I think it would be a perfect time to have a Division Practice battle:
    1: People Need More medals
    2:We’d get more prepared for league battles
    3: It’ll teach us how to obey orders better
    4: The Perfect place would be at the mountain Base Camp because it snows/ or snowforts
    5: You won’t have to demote more people
    6: Maybe people will see us practice battling and want to join
    7:Its one of the only things we can do with divisions
    8:It’ll help us get used to the tactics

    1: Ik. People are complaining so thats why I do comment contests and the CJ thing.
    2: You got that right
    3: We need that.
    4: Yeah, and we can get the smile stamp.
    5: ❓
    6: They do that with every event.
    7: We just split into teams, not divisions
    8: We need that too.

    • How come we have divisions then?

  10. Say Thumbs Up If you like the Idea/ Thumbs down If you don’t like the idea for my previous comment

  11. Sorry guys I haven’t been active at all! You see, my computer just got ANOTHER virus! My laptop’s charger broke too! So I only have my dad’s laptop and my dsi. I would come to events if I could!

    • Yeah my Yahoo update gave me a worm virus. I have been able to get rid of most of it. But there is still an annoying thing with my MS explorer.

  12. Your are invited to the small/medium army tournament. This is to see who is the top of the smaller armies. If you except/don’t except go to

  13. Puffle Warriors leader, Can I be your buddy on Cp?

  14. hey should we go to the tournament?

  15. Bella Fan 21
    Bcuz im very active and try 2 come 2 all the advents I can but i cant come to many cuz im very busy…..

    • maybe

  16. Great news everyone, my laptop is fixed! WOO HOO!I’ll be WAY more active now I PROMISE.

  17. Super Pal 1 a.k.a. Black Crazy2 a.k.a. Rid Rod (sometimes 😉 )
    I would be more active and WILL be more active, I recruit alot of ppl, I go on chat alot, I’m SOTM, and I was most active last month.

    • I think he should be promoted, before his laptop was broken he was SUPER ACTIVE.

  18. Mimi5306


    im not tht active because im barley aloud on the computer 😦 soo im sorry and i havent gotten a promo *maybe* (?)

  19. Can u guys help CPFBI against NW tomarrow?

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