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100th Post!

Just a pointless post to say that we now have 100 posts. And 10,999 hits at this moment XD!

Click here.

Well, bye. Anyone who is smart enough to read this gets 5 medals. Comment saying turkey

Question of the day: What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Winner: Frothe


28 Responses

  1. I would retire from SW for a Klondike bar. Most creative answer wins 2 medals 😀

  2. TURKEY!

    • Smart. You win 5 medals.

      • lol

  3. i would do anything for one even give up my life 😉 XD

  4. YAY

  5. I would hold my breath until I turned purple for a Klondike bar.

  6. I would buy a klondike bar to get a klondike bar lol

  7. I would eat a tiny piece of chocolate poo for a klondike bar (I know it sounds gross) :mrgreen: 😆


    Cahockey: Nice try. I told you it was there. And first person only.

    • LOL!!!! Nice one Cahockey

    • 🙄

  9. i would spray paint my face for klondike bar

  10. i think i gotta pretty good chance of becoming SOTM

  11. I would ride an Adelie penguin as a sled for a Klondike bar. ( I need medals 😀 )

    • me too 😛 XD

  12. SUPER PAL 1!!!!!!!!!! YOU WANT TO RIDE AN ADELIE PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I would never play hockey again 😦 THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!! for a klondike bar

  14. i would never shower for a klondike bar

  15. I would LIKE PIE!!!!! FOR A KLONDIKE BAR!

  16. I would wear my underwear on my head all day long for a Klondike bar. XD

    Ha beat that! 😀

    • i would wear nothing for a week HA

  17. I d run around naked in a mall jk

  18. p.s i beat urs Frothe no more jk

    • XD

  19. I would run nake all over my school for a Klondike bar. XD

    Muhahahahaha beat that 😀

  20. i would come to school naked and then i would from one roof to another for a klondike bar

  21. i would take a under wear put it in my head then run naked to the next president showing to show everyone my cool body for a klondike bar

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