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Battle Results

We did pretty darn good, but I wouldn’t say we won. I think tactics were even, and at times, size was even. But we did really good. But I have to say they won. And, Super Pal 3. I am not happy with you. You can’t just start bombs. That is a leaders job.And when Golden Troops did a sun bomb, you did a sun, which made 4 other SW troops do a sun. Not happy with you. I’ll put in pics later.

Frothe edit: We did do pretty good! I would have to agree that they won. They had us by size most of the time and our tactics were a little mixed up sometimes. This is a problem we need to address. Some commands are on CP while others are on chat. I don’t mind people making orders when I am busy (pasting pictures) but you have to wait for one tactic to end before the next order is given. I remember giving an order on chat at the same time 2 other orders were given on chat. If thats was not confussing enough another order on CP was given at the same time. So we need to work on this. But all in all you guys did a GREAT job! Here are the pics:


12 Responses

  1. at least we did pretty darn good

  2. Thats not fair, Super Pal 1 made up emote bombs and you didn’t complain then

  3. I was only following orders because Basloo is an owner and he said to the E+D

    Cahockey: Why would you sun if they sunned?

    • I am not sure who came up with the E + D bomb command. This is where experience comes into play. I know just from watching GT before that they do E + D and E + M as regular tactics. So I know to avoid these commands even tho I did the tactic when I saw it on chat. Shame on me, cuz it did make GT look bigger. I dont think SP3 or Basloo gave that command. Lets just learn from it and move on.

  4. Cahockey, I can’t see your orders because I’m ULTIMATE SAFE CHAT

    Cahockey: I don’t even say anything because there is no time.

  5. Oh yes and Super Pal 1 came up with the countdown bomb

  6. Name an emote bomb that I came up with…

  7. come on now its ok lets learn trial and error makes us better

  8. atleast we had more that 3 people 🙂 😀

    • You got that right 😉

      • yep

      • Rock on 😆 😉

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