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Question of the Day

Question of the day: What is the craziest video on Youtube? Good job if you read this Conankun. Jalapeno is the word =D

All comments will be held under moderation for the day. I am retiring from Snow Warriors. Tell me not to for a medal


28 Responses

  1. That would be….. Charlie bit me. Definiently.

  2. Don’t retire cahockey.

    • 1 medal.

      • 😛

  3. The craziest video on youtube is shoop da whoop 😆 😀

  4. the shoop the whoop one is the best have to say.

    • true is true 😉

  5. The Song That doesn’t End (its annoying and crazy!)

    • Darn I should have thought of that

  6. Charlie the Unicorn 2!!!!!!!!!!

    Cahockey: 😆 Lol

    • “Charlie…Charlie….Charlie….” “We’re on a bridge, Charlie…”

  7. Jalapeno

    and DONT retire!!

    Cahockey: 1 medal

  8. yay i get another medal


    Battle against NW tomarrow!!! We will take sides with ACP. I want ALL agents to come. This battle is in the ternament so I expect everyone to come. You will get promoted if you do come.

    Time-3:00 PM EST
    2:00 PM CST
    1:00 PM MST
    12:00PM PST
    8:00 PM UK
    Room~Town & Snow Forts

    Cahockey: This is SW, not CPFBI. So putting pictures and events on here isn’t gonna do you anything.

    • Well where else can I anounce an event? Answer that correctly and I won’t do it anymore.

      Cahockey: You can announce an event on a blog, like everyone else 🙄

      • WE DON’T HAVE A SITE!!!! :@ 😐 I-(

        Cahockey: You can make and edit one in ten minutes.

    • dude 1 problem which will cause that you dont want to happen
      problem is no allies and they will know your not 1 of them making ACP disqualified and NW winning you dont want that to happen do you?

      • The Legend Cup tournament rules state “No Allies Allowed”

      • We aren’t allies.

  10. Cahockey plz change it back so that all coments don’t await moderation? It is getting really anoying.

    • ikr

  11. Would it be betraying you if I also you joined other armies but still stayed active in this one?

    • No

  12. ACP?

  13. nevermind

  14. I’m starting to become a huge failure in this army business.

  15. NO!!!!!! DON’T RETIRE!!!!!!!!! I just want a medal XD

  16. Please don’t retire

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