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Question of the Day (again)

Question of the day: Who is the ugliest person? (add a pic) Secret word is chocolate

4 medals to winner.


21 Responses

  1. Chocolate!

    • Medal! 😀

    • Chocalte? CHOCLATE!!!!!!!!!! CHOCLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Choclate? CHOCLATE!!!!!!!! CHOCLATE!!!!!!!!!

  2. This picture! http://www.grimmemennesker.dk/data/media/1/8_ugly_people.jpg

  3. THIS ONE PWNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.thehowie.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/12/ugly.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.thehowie.net/blog/2006/12/&usg=__a4x6Y-ni8RQWOsQp5W4FOdvaz2M=&h=263&w=266&sz=16&hl=en&start=0&sig2=3CfMjktS-977vNDUqNc8eA&tbnid=b9voeUAf_Ps6RM:&tbnh=146&tbnw=165&ei=N2doTNzhE8KAlAfKt_3KAw&prev=/images%3Fq%3Duglest%2Bman%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1024%26bih%3D483%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=467&vpy=112&dur=415&hovh=208&hovw=210&tx=116&ty=104&oei=N2doTNzhE8KAlAfKt_3KAw&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=11&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0

    • So far yours is winning. When I wake up tomorrow I will see if there are any better ones. But so far this is gonna win 😀

  4. did i win?!

  5. I bet you guys are gonna freak if this goes real, so I’ll ask first. I think if you have 0 medals for 2-3 months straight, you get fired. But you guys might freak like last time, so tell me your opinions. Just reply to this comment (never ending replies :-D)

    • ok the one below me isn’t my real entry

  6. This guy next to me in my comment. :mrgreen:

    • Fro my past comment I was trying to get the green face emote, the GREEN GUY SMILING

      • It is : mrgreen : without the spaces.

  7. wait nevermind
    wrong picture,

  8. (ill)

  9. ???? How do you get the green emote?…….

  10. um i should avoid this for now

  11. This guy :mrgreen:

    • Yep

  12. Who wins?

  13. chocalate!

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