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Training on Monday

OK we now have a tactics page and a uniform page. Look on the right side bar for “Pages” to find them. I want everybody to look at our tactics. We will practice these tactics on

Monday August 16th Ice Pond server snowforts.

  • 4:30pm PST
  • 5:30pm MT
  • 6:30pm CST
  • 7:30pm EST
  • 12:30am UK

I am trying to find out what time would be best for us after school. So if this time does not work for most of us, I will adjust the time on the next event.

This will be worth 2 medals. Comment if you can make it.

Frothe edit: Well we didn’t get as many soldiers on as I wanted to train but we did have Iceeblu, Flames, Conankun, and Asheley. We got a few penguins to help out so it turned out to be a good training after all. Here are some pics:












Also say if you started school or not. I dont need to know the exact dates. Just say “yes” or “next week” or “in 2 weeks”.

*Remember to help build Snow Warriors city by clicking here *

13 Responses

  1. Karate. Can’t come. Anyway I pwn at tactics 😀

  2. ooo karate idk my life is kinda unpredictedable so idk

  3. the times are ok but i dont start school at around sptember but after september make times like this so i agree wih the time

  4. maybe..

  5. Can’t Come (vacation)

  6. might b able to. not yet in about a week

  7. in 1 week and a half

  8. If a chicken and a half could lay an egg and a half in a day and a half how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle (say it really fast to scare your friend :mrgreen:)

  9. .)

  10. ???? i have no idea wat you said cahockey

    Cahockey: That’s the whole point 😀

  11. Karate. I can’t come 😀

    Cahockey: Why would you smile if you can’t come…

    • 😦

  12. Yeah yeah yeah a week ago bla bla bla

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