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Mid-month special promotions

The Mid-month special promotions are all done. 😉 Anybody that had medals got promoted. Anybody under the mod section of the ranks that had 18 medals or more got a double promotion. Anybody that was inactive had a color change to show that they need to step it up.

Sorry I was not on my computer that much yesterday due to a new virus infection from my good friends at Yahoo. 😐 We ran another full scan and found 4 new threats. But it took 4 hours to run the scan. 😦

Cahockey, if people are inactive and turn red on the ranks page I demote them every month until they get to the bottom rank. Then I delete them. Thats how I have run things but if you want to fire people after 3 months thats alright with me. People sometimes come back but they dont stick around very long when they do.


4 Responses

  1. Okay, yours is fine. It’s just I wanted to do it quicker so active people didn’t have lots of red ahead of them. And what happened to Eyzegamer (I think I spelled it wrong) and Mmjjoo…


  3. I thought you knew Mmjjoo in real life? I think he said he started school already.

    Eyzegamer was a good soldier. I dont know what happend to him. 😦

    Cahockey: I do (Not the reason he’s a higher rank. He started before most people). We don’t start school till the 7th I think.

  4. seriously y did Eyzegamer became so inactive and i got double promotion WOOHOO!

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