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qυєѕтιση σƒ тнє… ωєєк؟

ѕσ тнιѕ σηє ιѕ gσηηα вє ƒσя α ωєєк вє¢αυѕє ιт ιѕ нαя∂ тσ тнιηк σƒ.ησ мєѕѕαgє тσ∂αу ¢σηαηкυη.

qυєѕтιση σƒ тнє ωєєк: ωнαт ιѕ тнє мσѕт яαη∂σм αη∂ ησ ѕєηѕє ѕєηтєη¢є єνєя (єχ. ιƒ α ¢нι¢кєη αη∂ α нαℓƒ ¢συℓ∂ ℓαу αη єgg αη∂ α нαℓƒ ιη α ∂αу αη∂ α нαℓƒ нσω ℓσηg ωσυℓ∂ ιт тαкє α мσηкєу ωιтн α ωσσ∂єη ℓєg тσ кι¢к αℓℓ тнє ѕєє∂ѕ συт σƒ α ∂ιℓℓ ρι¢кℓє. ησ ¢σρуιηg :-D)؟

¢σριє∂ ѕєηтєη¢єѕ ωιℓℓ вє ∂єℓєтє∂.

Should all my posts be like dis?


38 Responses

  1. First comment ever on the site.

    • Secret Message: No Messages Today Conankun

  2. If you could understand that, leave a comment stating everything I said and I will give you 2 medals (1 only). Then I will put it in real font.

  3. it says something about wat is the most random and nonsense sentence ever and your example was if a chicken and a half could lay an egg and half in a day and a half how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of dill pickle (P.S. i dont like that the loops confuse me 😛

    • 2 medals.

      • WOOHOO

  4. Well that will put some oatmeal in your socks! 😮

  5. How long does it take to watch a banana eat pie while playing the trombone and reciteng pi to 1000 digits by memory while on roller skates?

    Cahockey: That’s so far winning. And you can do more than one entry 😀

    • Wow that sentece makes no sense at all 😀

  6. How long does it take for a pickle to eat apple pie while memorizing the word pi while sliding down the Eiffel Tower on their butt to see who would win the contest of eating the most cheese burger under half a pie

  7. The ice cream fell throught the spider web until the NACHOS caught it while playing monlight sonata on the violin upside down.

  8. Hi guys. Im going to make the CPFBI site soon, and I might retire when I do. I have been so busy with CPFBI and Cahockey keeps on bothering me about it,so yeah, I`ll probally retire soon.

  9. you serious your gonna retire that soon?

  10. Well, I don’t know. I’m just getting really busy with CPFBI. Cahockey keeps on bothering me about it, but if he stops then I might not retire.

    Cahockey: I’m not bothering you, it’s just I don’t want CPFBI posts everywhere on SW site.

    • Cahockey sometimes you just really push my buttons! It’s hard getting an army or organization on the roll, I’m sure you know that. Listen, I’m making the site soon, okay? I don’t want my agency to fall, and, I’m just speechless Cahockey. You know what it’s like starting an army. I don’t know why you won’t lemme get mine going. Cahockey, I asked if you wanted to join CPFBI, you said you didn’t know yet, and you don’t even have to say no because it’s pretty obviouse!

      • I used to be appreciated in this army, and now it’s like I don’t even exest. Idk what happened, but it’s getting on my nerves. 1 week of dead computers and you all forget about me. I’m having serious thoughts about retiring

        Cahockey: Then retire. Anyway you weren’t forgotten, more people were well known at the time. I don’t care if you retire. Do it whenever you want. But the more you say these things the more I will just stop listening to you. Make the site, I’ll let you put the link up once (and only once) and then you’ve got it. I’m not making any posts or going around sites advertising it.

      • Cahockey, I’m not aguing with you, but when you said that it sounded like you WANTED me out.

        Cahockey: You are arguing with me. And if it sounds like I want you out, don’t make comments that make me want to think that.

      • Cahockey, just, let me be, okay? I didn’t mean to make this a raging argument.

        Cahockey: This whole time you could have stopped commenting and I’d stop replying.

      • So could you, but this(hopefully)is the last word on the subject-maybe

    • And this was what started the whole sherade…..I wander if anyone could delete this stuff? Frothe,Mmjjoo,Cahockey,Kkabc,Basloo?

      Cahockey: I’m not gonna delete it, and no one else should.

      • Umm, why not? I mean, it might ruin our reputation….

        Cahockey: Yours, not mine. You made the decision to lower your reputation by this, so I’m not deleting it. It not lowering mine, because I’m responding to the comment.

      • Are you saying you have something against CPFBI? Hey, when WE recruit ppl, half of them join SW to. I haven’t done anything against SW, none of my agents have, so I don’t think we deserve that. Leave me army alone, and I won’t ruin YOUR reputation too. Deal? Like I said earlier, you know how hard it is making an army, so, will you please leave us alone?

        Cahockey: Leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.

  11. I might semi retire…and come back when I hand the CPFBI over or after we ROCK OUT THE NIGHT WARRIORS! WOO HOO!!!!

  12. Penguins like to eat pie and polly-pocket and popingy pop pop rings of Popeville and likes P and has a pointy ball that goes to the county poll.

  13. I would keep the font regular Cahockey 🙂

  14. Keep on going guys. These make me laugh.

  15. (sigh) It says something about a crazy sentence and bla bla bla then it’s for a week cause it’s so called hard.

  16. If a meeper was to say meep to the king Piemeep then how many meeps would it take to create a pie that is yellow and looks like a meepified meep of a tower that is named Effiel.

  17. If some snow was to be yellow then how many dogs would have looked at it and thought ”OMG THAT LOOKS TASTY!”?

    ^^^Surely this one has to win 😀

    Cahockey: No… Super Pal 3’s first.

  18. super pal 1 u need to calm down seriously ok? we still know u and dont need to use caps and about retiring for me your in the middle of hall of fame and hall of shame dude just calm down and dude its an army ok? just an army site and just make it already you can do it in the join on wordpress? y not just do it?

  19. Calm Down already SP1, Most of us don’t want you to retire but… If you want to…. Thats your decision

  20. How long does it take for a shark to eat a lobster that ate a hippopatumus that weighs 900000lbs thats covered in mustard?

    • the awnsers is APPLE PIE 😀

    • (Shark – Lobster – Hippopatumus / 900,000lbs) + mustard = Apple pie ❓

      I dont think so 😕

      Cahockey: The answer is chicken.

  21. Chicken

  22. 1700th comment!

  23. Who won?

    Cahockey: Have to say your trombone one.

  24. thanks! Do I get any medals?

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