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So Wednesday was a day of problems. 😦 My computer is infected by some viruses and I am having trouble staying online. We might have to take it in and get the new Windows 7 upgrade and I hope we will transfer some of my files so I can keep them. Anyways I want to say sorry to Super Pal 1 for not making it on chat to meet with you but my computer froze up and I was not allowed on for a long time.

Tournaments 😐 CP news sites are starting tournaments all at the same time without contacting armys to participate. Their schedules are not taking into account that 50% of CP soldiers have started school and they are only giving armys one day to prepare for them. Not only that but the news sites are getting hacked which makes the tournaments a total fail. CP Small Army News only gave us 1 day to prepare and did not contact us about it. This was the battle Basloo went to. We lost cuz we didn’t even know it was happening. CP Army Times had a tournament but now they have been hacked. 😕 So we will not be doing any tournaments this week. Actually I am tired of doing tournaments. Lets try to get some battles with armys we are about the same size as and keep our place in the top ten.

CPFBI: Super Pal 1 if you want help making a site I can help. But if you want me to make it I would need your email to add you to it. Otherwise you would have to make it (and add me to it if you wanted.) To avoid confussion we should not be posting 2 armys on this site.

3 Responses

  1. I agree

  2. Frothe I came up with an idea. Could you make a makeshift website for CPFBI until I finish the one I will start soon. Think you can do that?

    • Have you started yet? How far are you?

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