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Me and Frothe decided to recruit. So here and the times:

This Friday August 20th

5pm PST

6pm Mountain

7pm CST

8pm EST

1am UK sorry frothe made times

On the Below Zero server (if full Glacier server) in the town.

Frothe edit: If we can get 10 at the recruit we can go to our igloos for the “invite 10 penguins to your igloo stamp” after the recruit. 😀


12 Responses

  1. YOU FORGOT ME!!!:@

  2. I’ll probaly be able to come (sorry I haven’t been active eventwise(I’ve been on vacation) I’ll be super active now

  3. still on vacation,

  4. i had the same idea but we can go to everyones houses :/ and do same emotes to get another stamp 😀

  5. I can’t make it

  6. Awesome. Ill try and be there.

  7. i already got the 10 i just need 30 😛

  8. Sorry i couldnt be there, something came up and I had 2 go.

    • Its ok.

  9. hey guys im now going to try to be more active! also, when did cahockey make a comeback?

    • While you were gone he got bored of aqw lol.

  10. sorry my father had to do phisio

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