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Battle for Below Zero

Kkabc123 edit: Its four versus one i asked Ice Vikings for help and GG (Since We helped them and they have to since we helped them) Only IV has responded

Ok so SP (Idk what that is) wants a battle for Below Zero our server.We dont want to lose  a server so here are the times

Saturday, the 28th

Server: Below Zero

UK: 7 PM
MST: 12 PM
PST: 11 AM

So we need as many troops as we can get



16 Responses

  1. im not gonna make it sorry

    • its o k

  2. Oh wow, looks like we have an enemy now 😐 .

  3. Who is SP? 😕

    Below Zero is our capital so we MUST defend it!

    • skeleton people and cpud are in it to and the acpa so put us up


  5. It changed my picture for some reason

  6. idk

  7. Hi im IV 3ic did u contact us for help?

    • yes its four armies versus one

  8. im coming this is the capital and no one is taking it!

  9. i’m not using my wordpress account anyome

    Cahockey: Um… that was a pointless comment.

  10. Ok I just wanted to lt you know thouguh, and anyone Frothe said the more comments the more populau the site gets on google

    Cahockey: And how did the CPFBI site get deleted?

    • 😦 I hope your happy about it. Me hopes and dreams of having a strong army might be ruined if someone doesn’t help us. We need a new site. I doubt your gonna help but I’m not saying you can’t. 😦

  11. Hi im JackJack2006 im from my own army Earth Warriors of clubpenguin and i was wondering if you would like to merge with us. If you do heres the link and respond with your choice

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