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I like Chicken

Cahockey: Ice commented on the active count. I didn’t remember that. Sorry Ice. But you have to be a bit more active. So this will be called off (sorry Basloo)

I was thinking maybe Basloo and Ice should switch ranks. Ice doesn’t do much.

And how would Frothe want him leader if he does nothing?

Frothe edit: In my defense…….Iceeblu has 20 medals for attending events this month. Thats more medals than 2 of our leaders.

So comment saying who you want as 2ic. Ice or Basloo.


15 Responses

  1. Go Basloo because I like turkey.

  2. Go Basloo :mrgreen: (i was aloud to vote :P) Do u like waffles yes we like waffles cool me too 😉 xD

    • GO BASLOO woo

  3. aww no message and i wanna be leader(sort of cuz of school is taking my time from homework)

    Cahockey: Yep, no message. Sorry dude. Anyway, you have to wait to be leader. Just vote for now.

  4. ice lol joking basloo for sure cuz he my friend ice does nothing

    • i didnt do that thing on xat T.T

  5. Well Iceeblu was active in this army. He showed good leadership skills. When Kkabc was inactive we told Iceeblu he could have that leadership position. Then Kkabc got active again and Cahockey switched them back. Now Iceeblu is not as active as he used to be cuz he kinda got demoted. Now you want to demote him again. I doubt he is going to come back after this. On the other hand Basloo deserves a promo cuz he is very active and a good soldier.

  6. BASLOO!!

  7. I guess we should let basloo be co-leader BUT let ice be 3ic and flames be 4ic temp and whoever is more active between flames and ice wins 3ic spot

    • I AGREE!

  8. Go basloo

  9. Go Basloo 😀

  10. Basloo can have my spot. I’m retiring very soon because my dad said “I cant go on xat anymore” so I guess basloo can have my spot 😕

  11. Btw I do “Nothing?”. I got 5+ recurits(3 silbings).I am ussualy on “Sw” chat but now I can’t go on xat because my dad said I can’t. 🙄 . I guess you hate me “sw” 😳

    Cahockey: Yeah, you actually do nothing. Last comment was 10 days ago.. And you don’t need to go on chat to be in the army like IW. We don’t hate you, but you must hate us.

  12. i was modering comments today and saw iceeblu’s comment :\ i wont tell u it ull have to moderate it.

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