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Early Promos

Yayz! Early promos. See, I`m nice.Double Promo: Orange

Single promo: Green

Conankuno1, Super Pal 3, Koko218, Asheley4, Cahockey (xD), Cmatic G, Mimi5306,  Gothgirl, Richpal1099, Jaws, Belle Fan 21.

If you didn’t get a promo and you thought you deserved one, comment telling me why you deserved one.

*Super Pal 1, Basloo1 edit: no offence you didn’t get one because it was 2 days after you made me really angry from the fight. I’ll give you one after a little bit, k?

And Basloo1 is now replacing Mmjjoo as leader!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Promotion!

    • That’s not a thank you. This is


  2. Let me know when your done with the promos and I will update the medals page.

    Cahockey: Done them. I did da ranks. I can do medals though

  3. But but but but I gave you a party I worked on for 3 days, said I’m sorry, said that your the best leader ever……. I truly think I deserve 1.

    Cahockey: Knew this would happen. I said I’d maybe give you one after a week or so. Don’t make me say no (wary). And I think that is bullcrap that you worked on it for three days. Cause you argued with me the day of the party.

  4. Hello, my name is Grant42, and I would like to invite you to become part of a new small/medium army alliance. It is called the Club Penguin Freemasons, found at cpfreemasons.wordpress.com. I am the Grand Master Mason of this alliance, and it would be a great opportunity for your site, because of all the servers that you can gain by becoming a member. Please e-mail me at grantfaber3@gmail.com with your response and more details. Thanks!

    Cahockey: No thanks

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