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Possible Probation

Let me see here… SP1 has made me so mad, has fights with 2 other people also. So today I looked through all the old posts, and I said this on one he had fights on:


Super Pal 1: “Shut up dude. I was playing w/ Basloo & who was the 2rd? :s”

BTW, what is 2rd? Fail…

So SP1 disrespected a leader. 2-3 week probation, and no promotion? Idk, what should we do. Probation, No Promotion for a month, or both? It’s your choice.

42 Responses

  1. Super Pal 1’s excuse: “ZOMG I didn’t mean it that way”
    “ZOMG I didn’t say it to you”.

    Basloo, what will he also use?
    he would use unusual words >:\ kick or ban from his chat for saying OMG or some thing like that

    • u would say OMG he would use hmm and :O and click and ban :\

      Cahockey: Ikr.

    • Dude I didn’t say that & I never would, and who else has thrown a party for you besides SP3?

  2. dude (SP1) you gone crazy like fred on steriods

    Cahockey: Owned!

    • Lol 😀

  3. i think just probation if he still comes during that time then both

    • i go with u

  4. …………. Dude…………… I made a party for you that I worked on for 3 days!!!!!!! I’ve NEVER done that to ANYONE! If you punish me even after I’ve done that, then I’m quiting, NOT retiring!

    Cahockey: Okay, you are welcome to quit. Idc if you throw a party for me, you still told a leader to shut up. I don’t give a crap anymore. So stop this bullcrap or else I’ll just fire you so you don’t have to quit.

    • And you should read Frothe’s post, he’s mad about something…. and I’m mad about it to. This is completly unfair!

      Cahockey: Frothe was basically telling all the bullcrap mistakes I made. This is not a mistake. Have I said shut up to you? NO! And your a member rank and I’m the creator! Man, this is just bullcrap of the mental.

    • by never done it to anyone you mean by cahockey and some other ppl?(forgot) then if your quiting it isnt my buisness it your choice just make sure you choose the right one

  5. It was a typo I meant to put 3rd

  6. Cahockey, it isn’t my fault if you can’t accept an apolegy! Besides, I was playing with Basloo and what r u talking about? 3rd person? :S
    Basloo1:uh huh<—-coruscate.

    • you think people will accept you right away if you just say sorry i think you gotta make it up

  7. Cahockey, check SW Empire, you don’t have a reason to give me probation.

    Cahockey: Wow SP1, I really think that you banged your head on a wall or something. Go ask the doctor if there is anything wrong. BTW,

    “Respect the leaders. They put a lot of work into getting their rank and making this place fun and safe for all.” From the SW Empire. So I’d go get your head checked. Thanks.

    • dude you caused the snow warriors member problem it says so on the SW empire

    • also 1 more thing you said shut up if i remembered corretly to cahockey didnt you?
      Basloo1:I correctly remember it.

  8. https://snowwarriorssecondgen.wordpress.com/2010/08/01/promotions-are-done/#comment-2041

    For all to see 😀

  9. Most failed excuse ever “This is unfair!” right after he breaks the biggest rule in SW.
    Wow, you are a big spazz SP1, and I think we should make a hall of spazz (wary).

  10. Sorry if “shut up” was rude to you, the way I meant it my friends would have a good laugh.

    Cahockey: If one of my friends (Frothe, Mmjjoo, Basloo, Conankun, SP3, etc) said it, I wouldn’t give a crap. But since you said it, I knew you actually meant it. If you were my friend and didn’t fight with me I wouldn’t give a crap about it.

    • And instead of insulting me, you could’ve just not approve it. (wary)

    • I ment my REAL friends, like school friends. I said sorry and gave you a party to back it up anyway. I WAS going to have a peaceful SW history untill you posted this. It would’ve helped if you didn’t post this & everything went back to normal. By doing this, you just made me madder.

      Cahockey: Madder. Nice. Let’s see this on Failblog along with 2rd. And that comment, was just a no point piece of crap. That isn’t going to change anything by saying that. BTW, don’t ever think you’ll ever be in the HOF.

  11. I think SP1 should get probation both 😛

  12. …. just when i thought you guys made up

    • I thought that too…..

      • I’ve decided. You will get no promotions for the next 2 promo days. No probation.

      • Duuuuude……. We had JUST reached the end of that big argument…. AND YOU PUT THIS UP! I don’t care if you don’t give me a promo, you wouldn’t anyway! And teaming up against me with Koko…… not funny. If I was running this army and YOU were in my position, I wouldn’t do anything. If somethings over, don’t restart it.

        Cahockey: I love pointless comments. Especially from spazzes. Me and Koko were joke bombing you as a joke. Stop spazzing out. And no offense, but if you were running this army we wouldn’t even be here now. You are new to CP armies. So we would have like 2 active. Since I have a lot of army experience I can take an army to the top.

      • If I get 200 medals will I get a promo?

        Cahockey: No matter what, not during your no promo probation. But normally, you’ll get a promo if you stop.

      • I’m gonna advertise SW alot, would you take off “the charges” if I do that & earn us a few recruits?

        Cahockey: If they’re active. But if you start it again I’ll put it back on.

      • Sweet! If you see a penguin called Lobcobob1 on the Ranks page you know why….

        Cahockey: Good job, you probably got us an inactive recruit. Thanks. That’s not gonna take off the charges.

      • Epic fail Cahockey my army CPFBI could pwn any army you made. I’d like to see you make an army and keep it at medium.

  13. What Conankun?………

  14. umm Super Pal 1 didn’t really have a fight with me , I was just frusturated because we both should of gotten SOTM

    Cahockey: You deserved it


    • Frothe Said Super Pal 1 was more active last month

      Cahockey: Did Frothe ask any other leaders..?

      • I don’t know

    • Cahockey you just hate me cause of what happened! I apolagized! lighten up!

  15. last month…

    Cahockey: Yep

  16. I’m happy that Cahockey and Super Pal 1 aren’t arguing anymore

    😀 XD

  17. This was SO stupid! Everyone got mad at me, and look what Cahockey says about all of you who agreed with him! None of this should’ve ever happened! I don’t see how anyone could’ve agreeed with this bozo! He’s a TRAITOR! I can’t believe EVERYONE was calling me a fail, saying I should get probation, over something so STUPID! 😡 I hope SOMEONE apoligizes to me, I’M not the one who should be apoligizing!

    • I said sorry

      • wait sorry for what I didn’t know you sided with Cahcokey…

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