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SW news (and Cahockey’s mistakes)

Well if you didn’t know Iceeblu101 has retired. 😦 His dad banned him from all CP army sites and chats. He was an excellent Snow Warrior soldier and leader of other armys. But my guess is that he was spending too much time on the computer and his dad put the hammer down. 😐

The ranks page has now been completely updated. The ranks colors and divisions are all done for this month.

Say goodbye to some of our inactive soldiers:

  • Candyboy8
  • iWolf (I know he is still active in another army)
  • Khimo98
  • Lilkid1110 (I know he is still active in another army)
  • Raphle8 (I gave her a second chance but she didn’t do much)
  • Roboman4567

Now for some of my gripes. 😕 aka Cahockey’s bullcrap mistakes.

Cahockey there are 4 leaders here. Please confur with us when deleting people. I had to update all the divisions cuz you didn’t. 😐 Cahockey: Sorry

On the ranks page at the top it says  “Last update: month and time” use it when you make changes so we know when the last updates were done. (medals page has this also) Cahockey: I use this 50% of the time

Wilfred (you deleted him but I put him back on ranks)  is on my friends list and has a potential of becoming active if I can get him on the site. I am working on it. 😉 Cahockey: Okay

Icyi4 has 16 medals and Super Pal 1 has 30 medals and no promos? 😕 Cahockey: Sorry Icyi4. I’ll give you a promo now. I forgot. Sorry. SP1 did not receive a promo due to his massive spazz attack and how he fought with me, and he said shut up to a leader. That doesn’t deserve a promo. I really think he hit his head on something to hard.

Cmatic G you changed to blue but has been to over half of our events this month??? Cahockey: He all of a sudden left. In my opinion, I think we have different leading styles. I’m a normally strict leader, you’re a really nice leader. I’m sure we can have one of those. That will be SP1’s favorite. That’s why he does nothing to you, only to me 🙄

Frothe: Yeah I treat the army like a family of friends instead of a disciplined group. It seems to work for me but everyone is different. 😉 Well you were in charge of promos this month so I have to respect your choices. I just wanted to clear these things up.

That is all.

12 Responses

  1. I agree with everyone one of those.

  2. is it just because you had a fight with cahockey?

    • SP1 agreed with all of those because they were going against me and what I forgot to do. That’s why he agreed with all of them. And how would I give someone that told a leader to shut up a promo?
      Basloo1: look at the comment below we did it at the same time XD.

      • ya true ca

  3. i was the one who brought icyi4 in the army 😉 xD i know him because he is in mai school and ya.

  4. Umm I think Super Pal 1 deserves at least a single promotion because He got more medals than most people

    • Atleast SOMEONE doesn’t want me probated.

  5. Yeah I do think SP1 did hit his head on something too hard 😛

  6. I didn’t hit my head on anything, thanks for the rude rummors. And Cahockey, I don’t do anything to Frothe ’cause he doesn’t do anything to ME.

    Cahockey: but but but but but you did hit your head on something. And you did something to me, so I did something back. That’s how it went. Let it go.

    • Cahockey, I know your joking with that, but please stop.

  7. Iceeblu deserves to go on the Hall of Fame…

    Cahockey: No, he doesn’t. He didn’t do very much. He’d comment every 10, 20 days, and come to 1/4 of the event. That doesn’t deserve hall of fame. You only have like a 50% chance if you aren’t a leader.

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