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Medal Trivia

Basically, I’ll ask questions. Some you will have a certain date to answer buy and whoever gets the right answer wins medals. Others the first one to get it wins. So, here are some questions

1. How is Cahockey pronounced? (4 medals to each winner)(Koko and Mmjjoo cannot answer)

2. What was this army’s first ever name? (first one to get it gets 5 medals)

3. What is meh favorite color? (3 medals to each winner) (Koko218 and Mmjjoo cannot answer)

4. What is my favorite food? (5 medals to each winner) (Koko cannot answer)

More questions will be added up soon. AND YOU ONLY GET ONE GUESS PER QUESTION!

22 Responses

  1. The army first ever name was Ice City Warriors.

    • I cant answer most of these stinkin questions. 😛

  2. CA-HOCKEY Cah-Hockey

  3. hi

    • Hi? ( THis is for YOU cahockey) another pointless comment

  4. 1 CaHockey CA-HOCKEY (ca-lifornia) (Ca-Hockey) (basicly take out the ca out of california

    2 Ice City Warriors (random guess) (P.S. asked my sis :P)

    3 I can deduce that it is White (cuz of the main color) and Aqua Blue (cuz i can mostly see that the penguin color is aqua blue)

    4 Sushi?

  5. 1. CAH-HOCKEY

  6. 2.icw(saw it on the other site)
    4.hmmm its chicken or megan fox XD

    Cahockey: What the heck was the 4th answer xD Where was that from
    Basloo1:IDK i just answer cah-hockey xD

  7. I’m guessing your favorite color is black/blue

  8. wai nevermind thats basloo’s favorite colors got confused sorry

    Basloo1:WTF? no

  9. I’m guessing Cahockey’s favorite colors are blue and white

    Basloo1:There is only ONE guess

    • I thought basloo posted the post at first, so I din’t know it was about Cahockey

  10. Ice City Warriors, I know becasue of the first comment LOL 😀

  11. 1.Ca- with a short vowel, hockey, as in the sport
    3. blue
    4. pizza?

    • He meant the first NAME OF THIS ARMY!

      • Do you HAVE to yell? Everyone makes mistakes! :S

  12. Ca-hockey

  13. 1.cah-hockey
    4.a burger

  14. When ya gonna add more?

  15. you never gave anybody the medals

    Cahockey: Yeah, because nobody got anything right. Except for Basloo who said orange for my favorite color. And I gave him the medals last month. I won’t give any medals if everyone gets it wrong.

  16. 1.cah-ock-ey

    • that was me sorry she used my computer and i did not realize it in time now if i got it right the creadit would go to her

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